Icelandic 50.7m Chilled Trawler

The Icelandic 50.7m chilled trawler is a well-built high-quality fishing vessel of Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. designed by Icelandic design company Skipasyn, which mainly operates in the Arctic waters with mild climate in the North Atlantic Ocean.

HC801 70-Meter Pelagic Trawler

The vessel is a steel double-deck all-welded structure with bulbous bow, square keel, aft slipway, bridge building, aft engine room, single engine, single propeller, single rudder, variable water layer trawler, and meets the requirements of high sea operation as a pelagic fishing vessel.

HC871 42.6m Deep-Freezing Tuna Long Liner

We have an annual shipbuilding capacity of 800,000 tons; in the construction of ocean-going and transoceanic fishing vessels, we can build and deliver 400 ocean-going fishing vessels per year, with excellent design and construction capabilities.

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