Multi-purpose Heavy-lift Vessel



31000DWT Multi-purpose Heavy-lift Vessel

The vessel shall be designed as an ocean-going single screw diesel driven multi-purpose heavy-lift vessel, suitable for carrying dry bulk cargo including grain, coal, metal concentrates and salt, sugar, cement in bags as well as scrap metal & ore, general cargo including cotton & other agricultural products, steel products, forest products, project cargoes and containers.

25000DWT Multi-purpose Heavy-lift Vessel

The ship to be designed for carriage of general cargo, forest products and dry bulk cargoes, such as coal, iron ore, hot coil, coke, grain, unitized break bulk, long cargoes such as pipes, steel products including steel coils and dangerous goods (in cargo hold No.1, to 4), also to be equipped for carriage of container in holds and on hatch covers.

31200DWT Multi-purpose Heavy-lift Vessel

ECO type 31,200 tons multipurpose heavy lift vessel, with an overall length of 167 meters, beam of 27.4 meters, depth of 15.5 meters, design draught of 10 meters and deadweight of 31,200 tons. Among them, 2 sets of maximum 200 tons Crane can be operated jointly, the 2nd cargo hold is a full box-shaped cargo hold and the length is 80.58 meters. Adopting a brand new design concept, the ship has reached the mature level of the international ships of the same type in terms of loading capacity, fuel economy, energy saving and environmental protection.

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