HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD Shipbreaking Project Third Public Announcement Before Submission for Approval

I. Introduction to the construction project

1、Project name: Shipbreaking project

2、Construction nature: expansion project

3、Construction Location: No.18 Huanghai Middle Road, Shidao, Rongcheng City


5、Construction content: Relying on the existing building facilities for shipbreaking business, with an annual shipbreaking capacity of 52 ships.

6、Introduction of the project:

The total investment of the expansion project is 6 million RMB. The expansion project does not take up any new land, and utilizes the existing buildings such as ship platforms and workshops for ship dismantling and dismantling.

The project's waste gas, waste water, solid waste and noise meet the standards after taking appropriate and reasonable prevention and control measures. The construction of the project meets the requirements of relevant industrial policies and industry policies.

Second, the full text of the environmental impact report network connection

Web link to the full text of the environmental impact report:

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1CTTnj4g-SagWqPl-g1zYAQ

Extract code: xc68

Web link to Public Participation Statement

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1USHvCk6zQOE8i0Ku7mytGA

Extract Code: q84k

IV. Ways for the public to make comments

If the public has any comments or suggestions on the construction project, 可以直接发送电子邮件至hc_ajhbc@163.com说明.