HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD Shipbreaking Project Third Public Announcement Before Submission for Approval

I. Introduction to the construction project 1、Project name: Shipbreaking project 2、Construction nature: expansion project 3、Construction Location: No.18 Huanghai Middle Road, Shidao, Rongcheng City


HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD Environmental Information Publication

According to article 55 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Environmental Protection, key emission units shall truthfully disclose to the community the names of their main pollutants, the manner of their discharge, the concentration and total amount of their discharge, the circumstances of their excessive discharge, and the construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, and shall accept social supervision. The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the Measures for the Disclosure of Environmental Information by Enterprises and Institutions (Ministry Decree [2014] No. 31), which requires that enterprises and institutions should disclose their environmental information in a timely and factual manner, in accordance with the principle of combining mandatory disclosure with voluntary disclosure.


HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING Signs Order for a 21,600m³ Reefer Cargo Vessel

On February 2nd, HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD signed a shipbuilding contract for a 21600m³ refrigerated cargo vessel with Rongcheng Huadong Fishery Co. The ship is a large energy-saving refrigerated cargo ship in China at present.


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