HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING Signs Order for a 21,600m³ Reefer Cargo Vessel

On February 2nd, HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD signed a shipbuilding contract for a 21600m³ refrigerated cargo vessel with Rongcheng Huadong Fishery Co. The ship is a large energy-saving refrigerated cargo ship in China at present.

The ship has an overall length of 160 meters, a beam of 23 meters, a depth of 14 meters, a design draft of 10 meters and a service speed of 15 knots. The reefer compartment has a capacity of 21,600 cubic meters, and the temperature of reefer compartment is -25 degrees Celsius. The reefer compartment adopts the mature cold air duct refrigeration method, which is more effective in preserving the fresh and perishable cargoes, such as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.