HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING Launches New 60-meter Type B Marine Patrol Vessel

On February 10th, the 60m Type B Marine Patrol Vessel built by HUANGHAI SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD for Shandong Maritime Bureau was successfully launched.

The ship's overall length of 64 meters, 10.2 meters wide, 5 meters deep, design draft of 3 meters, cruising speed of 16 knots, range of 1800 nautical miles, self-sustainability of 15 days, crew of 20 people. The ship set of maritime cruise and rescue as a whole, with China's sea area waters integrated command capability, is China's important maritime cruise law enforcement emergency coordination and command platform, will strengthen the dynamic control of maritime traffic and emergency protection, to protect the safety of maritime transportation, enhance China's maritime traffic governance capacity and level, to safeguard the country's maritime rights and interests.